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Meet Our Team

Learn more about the members of the Nashville Chew Crew.

Strategically using sheep to clear overgrown landscapes is oftentimes the best first step in the restoration process. Sheep are biologically built to act like four-legged lawnmowers, defoliating everything from the ground up to 5-6 feet high. Their balance and agility allows the sheep to navigate steep slopes and thick brush with no problem. Once they are enclosed within a targeted area, the sheep are extremely effective at removing all of the foliage and tender growth.

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The first step is an initial site visit -- to examine the landscape, confirm the perimeter of targeted areas, and offer an estimate.

After we agree on the project scope and price, Nashville Chew Crew will erect a temporary enclosure using a special fencing material. The fence is energized by a solar charger, so it delivers a mild shock to animals trying to get in or out. The shock itself is nothing serious, resembling a static shock, and only circulates through the fence roughly once a second. It’s extremely safe, but, just so no human onlookers receive a surprise, we will place many “caution” signs along the fence.

Once the enclosure is ready, we will deliver a flock of sheep by trailer and guide them into the fencing enclosure with the help of our business partner Duggie, a border collie. The flock will be accompanied in the fenced enclosure at all times by livestock guardian dogs. These livestock guardian dogs remain on site with the sheep and protect them against threats such as coyotes and stray dogs. Learn more about the team of dogs and sheep that make up the Nashville Chew Crew here.

The sheep and dogs remain on site until the project is completed. We will check on all of the animals daily during their stay to ensure access to water and food. (Please note that the sheep and guard dogs are very hardy animals and have evolved and been specifically bred for hundreds of years to survive and thrive in all weather conditions with very little human interaction, no pampering and no man-made shelter.)

The animals remain within the fence until the targeted area has been completely defoliated, or until the desired effect has been achieved. After the project has been completed, Duggie herds the sheep back onto the trailer, and off to the next job site they go!